What Species of Parrots Make the Best Pets?

Let’s start with parrots falling under a definite no. 

Kea for one. The New Zealand Alpine parrot lives in the snowy mountains and is really smart but extremely destructive.

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What Would Be a Good Perch for My 2 Amazon Parrots?

Deborah F. is looking to get new perches for my blue fronted amazon male and orange wing amazon female… they like to sit on the same perch during their out time ..which is most of the day.

Would this perch (small) or the same one in medium be strong enough to hold them both?


Coffee Tree Perch Natural Y by Prevue 9″ Small 

Right now they have a medium Polly sand perch with no coating on it and it holds them just fine.


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How Do I Handle My 2 Amazon Rescues Both With a Broken Wing?



Good Morning, I am rescuing 2 abused Amazon parrots – Male / Female.


Both have 1 broken wing and cannot fly.


Female about 4-5 years old).


The male (about 15 yrs) picks the top of this wing and has scabs – not healed – what can I do to promote healing?


From my observation, both birds are under extreme stress.


Please let me know what I can apply topically to prevent further picking and plucking.



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What Toxins Found in Peanuts Are Bad for My Bird?

Cynthia W. writes

I finally saved up money to buy a huge bag of roasted peanuts and now I’m worried about the toxins.

I thought roasted would help, but I guess not.

I purchased (for human consumption) from a company that seems legit Hampton Farms No Salt Roasted In Shell Peanuts, 5 lb. Bag Brand: Hampton Farms.

Are Peanuts a Hazard for Birds?

(Not hermetically sealed just in a ziplock bag) I hate to throw them out as my parrots like them as a treat. I guess I need to peel from the shell from what I read as the shell has most of the Aflatoxin.


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Can You Recommend New Bird Foods for My Amazon & African Grey?


I’m noticing that the Amazon is not wild about having much better food than the crap she used to get from Petco, and she’s normally all about mealtime.


(The African Grey was never as interested in meals as the Amazon). 


Considering what I’ve ordered from you in the past, is there anything you would recommend that I try for the next order?






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Airports Use LEDs for Bird Avoidance, What’s Over Your Cage?
Flock of birds in front of airplane at airport, concept picture about dangerous situations for planes

Airports Use LEDs for Bird Avoidance, What’s Over Your Cage?

Hi Renée

It’s understandable to be confused about lighting as it relates to birds.

I want to offer some background first.


RE:  I asked Mark, the owner about his LED’s flickering and this is what he said, “Mostly an old wives’ tale. AC (alternating current) does cause a flicker when it alternates direction, there are no studies that I know of that show this is bad for birds.

Those stories came out when people first started using LED’s because people just HATE new things and will make up anything to discredit them. Florescent bulbs flicker WAY more than AC led’s.

However, my LED’s are 12VDC (direct current) so there is absolutely NO flickering.”


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What Sizes Do the Tropican Parrot Food Pellets Come in?

Linda L. would like to know:

Is the size of the Tropican Lifetime Parrot granules much bigger than the Tropican Lifetime Cockatiel granules?

Hard to tell from pictures

Dear Linda,

The Cockatiel size granule is 2 mm, the Parrot size granule is 4 mm.

The stick-sized pellet is about 3/4″ x ¼”.


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