Feeding Conversion – Scenic Bird Food Pellets
Saint Lucia Parrot, amazona versicolor, Adult eating Grass

Feeding Conversion – Scenic Bird Food Pellets

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How to improve your bird’s health with Scenic Bird Food and good fruit &
vegetable selections!

• Place Scenic Bird Food in a separate cup from your bird’s normal food and leave it there all day and night.
• Replace with fresh food daily.
• Keep the cup full.
• Only after your bird is eating Scenic Bird Food should you place it in the normal food cup.

Scenic bird food pellet conversion chart

When you observe your bird eating or playing with Scenic Bird Food, reduce the usual food to ¼ portion. When you are SURE your bird is eating Scenic, remove the usual food completely for one month.

After one month, the usual food may be fed occasionally as a treat.
Once your bird is eating Scenic Bird Food, he may appear to drink more water than usual. This is normal.

Once converted, you can provide fruits and vegetables in the cage all day in a separate cup. Make sure Scenic Bird Food is at least ½ the diet of food your bird eats (by volume) on a daily basis. Use a measuring cup if you wish.

Your bird may also consume more Scenic Bird Food on some days than others and not eat much at all for more than a day at a time. Your bird may act like he cannot get enough Scenic Bird Food on some days and consume more than average.

All of these behaviors are normal and should not be regarded as unusual.
Monitor your bird’s weight through the feeding conversion and at all other times of stress like moving or adding new members to your family.

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