Classifications & Obfuscations Regarding Conure Parrots

Classifications & Obfuscations Regarding Conure Parrots

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About two years ago, I spotted a bird in a pet store (large chain). On his glassed-in cage was the label “Sun Conure.”

I decided that I wanted a bird like that. First, I ordered a large cage from you; then I waited about 9 months for a bird to become available. During that time the label changed to “Fancy Conure” vice Sun Conure.

The bird I purchased, my friend “Conrad”, is identical in coloring and in temperament (as described in several references) to a Sun Conure. Since we haven’t mentioned any names of pet chains (so we aren’t subject to law suit!), can you offer any thoughts on the name change.

Crossbreed? Avoiding the endangered species controls? Has anyone else ever raised this question???


How many conure species are there?  You’d be amazed

Hi Sanford

Conures can be cross bred. They should not, but it can happen if the breeders are not paying close attention.

A Jenday Conure crossed with a Sun Conure would be called a Sunday conure.

I would have no idea what they combined to come up with a “Fancy Conure”.

You should ask them.

If you like the bird, get it. If you are not breeding it, so what. Enjoy him.



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Catherine Tobsing

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