Is Hagen Prime or Nekton S a better bird supplement?

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With all of the promotions and all the products that we’ve been adding to the website lately apparently there’s been a bit of confusion about which is better, Hagen prime vitamin mineral supplement or Nekton S multivitamin supplement for birds?

First of all it’s important to remember that it if you are feeding your bird and all seed diet, you should provide some sort of additional supplementation. If your bird is primarily eating bird food pellets, you really don’t need supplementation because pellets are engineered nutrition and contain all the supplements your bird parrot will need for balanced diet.
If you are serving your bird Hagen Living World seed blend, you should most definitely use the Hagan prime because it was developed to work in tandem with Hagen bird food products. Both products have the their own proprietary blends of vitamins minerals and trace elements and amino acids. Hagen Prime also has a unique combination of digestive enzymes, micro-encapsulated, sporulated probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and various acids which slightly acidify the final mixture. These living probiotics, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, suppress the growth of potentially disease causing organisms and remain stable much longer in room temperatures.

The benefits of acidifying handfeeding food with Prime include maintenance of optimum conditions for crop lactobacillus, crop yeast and mold (candida) inhibition, acid replacement of the regurgitant usually secreted from the proventriculus of the parent bird improved digestive enzyme activity. The living bacteria in Prime produce metabolites which acidify and suppress the growth of pathogens. The net result is an overall synergistic response in changing local alimentary tract conditions to favour growth of normal flora.

Prime also has an exotic fruit flavor, which I read about but haven’t tasted. I’m not sure Nekton S taste like. 


NEKTON-S provides birds owners with a food supplement especially formulated to suit these needs. Its well-balanced composition of 13 vitamins, 18 free amino acids in the natural L form and minerals will help prevent deficiency diseases and increase the nutritional value of the diet.

NEKTON-S increases a bird’s resistance to disease and the pressures of moult, shows, acclimation, etc., as well as improving its productivity, especially during breeding. Give it daily to ensure your bird’s good health.

Because of the all-round beneficial effect of NEKTON-S, aviculturists, bird parks and zoological gardens have chosen it as a daily supplement for their birds for years with success.



NEKTON-S is a pet food supplement formulated to provide cage birds with the proper supply of the vitamins, mineral elements, and amino acids required daily to prevent deficiencies arising. NEKTON-S helps the smooth functioning of the entire metabolism and increases the nutritional value of food.

NEKTON-S strengthens body resistance, which helps a bird withstand pressure and reduces susceptibility to infection and diseases.

NEKTON-S improves a bird‘s general health and promotes proper functioning of all systems, particularly in breedingThere are a number of nutritive substances that must permanently form part of the dietary intake if an animal is to receive the correct nutrition. The lack of any one of these vital ingredients can have serious consequences for an animal‘s health and possibly lead to its death.

Bird food lines like Higgins and Volkman seed do not offer their own brand of supplements so either Prime or Nekton S would be a fine addition to your bird’s daily diet


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