Has Anyone ‘Housebroken’ Their Parrot?

Has Anyone ‘Housebroken’ Their Parrot?

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One of the answers from the big Q.


It has been done but I personally advise against it. It is unnatural for them to hold it, and if they become too well potty trained they may harm themselves if they think they can’t go at any given time.


My answer


Parrots poop about every 15 minutes on average.


When your bird is out of the cage, note the time it left the cage and return it every 15 minutes

This is EZ peasy lemon squeezy



Donna C asks.

Zupreem and Tropimix is the bird food I get for my Eclectus he is a very picky eater and he like these I usually mix together.


Hi Donna

If it’s not broke don’t fix it 🙂

Best – MitchR

rose wrote


Jan 19, 2020

I have an African Gray. He/she is 19 years old. We just had a three-season sunroom installed which I heat with an Eden pure heater. I live in the Rochester NY area and it gets cold here.


My gray is currently in a spare bedroom which serves as our office. We just purchased a new bigger cage. I would like to put him in the sunroom during the day. I was concerned about him getting cold and thought about putting a ceramic heater near the cage.


The room is 12 x 12 and I do let our two miniature schnauzers out the sliders to go out to do their business. My Gray is a special needs parrot, he has no toes. I adopted him as a baby as his parents had bitten them off.


He gets around well but instead of a perch, I have a laminate shelf that my husband cuts to size for him to walk on. I would like your opinion as to whether or not I should do this or wait until spring. I would put him back in his old cage at night until the weather warms. If it is feasible could you direct me to what I should purchase?

Thank you for your time.



Samnotoes is adorable.


Don’t wait until spring.

We’ve always used oil-filled electric heaters, they are efficient and easy to control with no airflow to be concerned about. (blowing air can trigger over preening leading to plucking).

We also offer many flat perches that could easily be installed in any cage.

Best – MitchR



Is Black Seed Oil ok for cockatoos?

My cockatoo has very dry rather scaly feet.

The vet can’t figure out why, and she checks out very well otherwise.

I have some liquid black seed oil and would like to rub it into her feet and legs.

Or rub anything else in if that would help.

She doesn’t pick at her feet or legs and came to me that way.

(She’s a rescue, and I’m her fourth home.

She’s lovely and keeps the cats in line.

I have to give her a spoon of the tilapia food when I give them that just so she doesn’t go down, push them away, and eat some.)

Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you. Arlene

Hi Arlene


“The vet can’t figure out why” is always scary to hear

The reason your bird’s feet are dry is that they lack moisture.

Black seed oil, red palm oil, or coconut oil are will all help topically.

I would also introduce oil from the inside out.

If the oil is viscous, warm it in a microwave for 20 seconds.

Then after finger testing for temperature, pour it over your bird’s favorite food.

Here’s a video on how to do this.


Best – MitchR

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