Why Does My Senegal Constantly Visit My Peach Face Conures Cage?

Why Does My Senegal Constantly Visit My Peach Face Conures Cage?

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Richard H. wonders,

Why does my Senegal visit my conure?

Dear Richard


Your Senegal is visiting your conure because it is curious, lonely, or looking to dominate it. It is best that you supervise the visits until you determine which of these options is happening and feel comfortable leaving them together.


We understand this because we have three small parrots. Keto, African Ringneck, Chili, a Quaker, and Barney a cockatiel.


None of them socialize but they all want to know what the other is doing. 


Chili spends all of his time trying to get into Keto’s cage.



Keto is finally used to Chili climbing on top of his cage and no longer reacts.


We can only let one out at a time for Keto’s protection. Keto has no interest in Chili’s cage.


But when Chili is out he beelines to Keto’s cage and spends most of his time trying to figure out a way in (we have special clips just for that).


If he does get in because we let them both out at the same time, Keto will fly off, Chili will enter Keto’s cage, eat his food, drink his water, play with Keto’s toys and then rub himself suggestively on everything which annoys Keto who is perched on top of Barney’s cage and whining while watching Chili. 


Thank you Catherine for your reply.


Jazzy (Senegal) just wants to Visit and stand on Charlie (Conure) cage, Charlie is the one that wants to bite her. Now since it been a couple of months it isn’t that bad. But Charlie still is the more aggressive bird.


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