Hello I’m Looking for a Homemade Birdy Bread Recipe!

Hello I’m Looking for a Homemade Birdy Bread Recipe!

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Jen M. seeks:


Hello! I’m looking for a homemade birdy bread recipe or parrot treat ball for my macaw and two umbrella Cockatoos.

Can you recommend a good recipe?

Hope you two are enjoying your new life in Indiana.

Best to you both!



Jen and the Flock


Dear Jen


Making your own Birdy Bread is a good idea.



You can go low and use a box of Jiffy Corn Bread Mix and add your own extras for a decent bready treat.


Otherwise, we don’t have any specific recipes for Birdy Bread.



Do you want a bread that uses wheat flour or instead of flour, perhaps almond flour which is a staple of low carb/keto diets?


I just Googled “bird bread recipe” and the range was massive.

And in each recipe, there may be something that someone doesn’t want (eggs, no eggs, cheese, no cheese, peanuts, no peanuts, it goes on).


Your birdy bread will contain YOUR choices and your birds will love it even if it is dry, moist, flat, or fluffy because you made it for them.


You can add seeds, nuts, fruits, pellets, dried greens, egg food to the bread for unique and nutritious food.


I would love to know what you end up with. Please let me know.


We love it here in Indiana.


Now, we just say, “Why did we wait so long?”


The city became expensive and our sales didn’t deflect that well.


We would not have lasted for long-staying put.



We are still serving our customers and now we have customers come in from around here that are happy to have us since they would have to drive much greater distances for even just a few of the products we have in the store.




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  1. Using Jiffy bread is not goodd for your birds nor or eggs. Look on Facebook Parrots Pantry and see what admin suggest..

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