What Species of Parrots Make the Best Pets?

Let’s start with parrots falling under a definite no. 

Kea for one. The New Zealand Alpine parrot lives in the snowy mountains and is really smart but extremely destructive.

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Whats the Best Way to Introduce a New Carrier to My Cockatoo?

Patricia N. explains,


I have an Umbrella Cockatoo and have a new travel cage arriving soon. Always hard to get it to try anything new and he’s not a fan of cages, other than his usual ‘home’ cage.


Any tips on how best to get him inside his new travel cage. Thank you


Dear Patricia 


Set it up right next to the bird’s regular cage. On a table to raise it up if possible. Put some food in it, treats, toys, and let your bird check it out.


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How Do I Get My Older Umbrella Cockatoo to Embrace Pellets?

Hi, I am the very happy owner of a 27-year-old umbrella cockatoo.

I’ve had her for about 12 years (her previous owner passed).

She’s always been a picky eater.

She of course loves peanuts and all things that are not good for her.

I’m still trying to find a pellet she will eat to balance her nutrition.

Please help with any suggestions. She’s very active and has beautiful plumage. I just worry about her diet. Thank you,



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What are Good Protein Sources for Parrots?
Copyright Laszlo Konya

What are Good Protein Sources for Parrots?

Gabby M. relates

Hi all,

I make a chop of fresh veggies and if I can, fruit, but my guys do not seem to like fruit, since we incorporated it into the diet my Senegal Gabby does not eat any of his seed mix or his pellets or anything but the chop, I have incorporated beans and edamame into it for protein but am afraid he might not be getting enough protein.

I am putting it in twice a day at the evening change of food and in am before I head out so he has more to eat.

I am not sure if he gets enough protein in his diet with only the beans?


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What Sizes Do the Tropican Parrot Food Pellets Come in?

Linda L. would like to know:

Is the size of the Tropican Lifetime Parrot granules much bigger than the Tropican Lifetime Cockatiel granules?

Hard to tell from pictures

Dear Linda,

The Cockatiel size granule is 2 mm, the Parrot size granule is 4 mm.

The stick-sized pellet is about 3/4″ x ¼”.


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What are Your Thoughts on Using Lupron to Curb Egg Laying?
Veterinarian examining Alexandrine parakeet in clinic, closeup

What are Your Thoughts on Using Lupron to Curb Egg Laying?

Bonnie B. would like to know:


First I want to thank you for your very informative emails.


They are always filled with great information.


My question is what are your thoughts on Lupron and what effects of long term use.


I have a 30 yo female Umbrella Cockatoo that we’ve had for 11 years.


She laid an egg once or twice a year and then in 2015 after laying an egg she prolapsed on a Sunday.


Luckily we were able to get her into UC Davis.



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