Here Are More Ants Around the Birdcage Solutions
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Here Are More Ants Around the Birdcage Solutions

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Alice H. relates this about ants around her birdcage,

Have fought off ants inside our home along two walls for years. Used diatomaceous earth which is a desiccant and harmless which was somewhat effective but messy.


Found Amdro Ant Granules and sprinkled outside on a few spots as a test. I was amazed to see the ants grab up the granules and take them right back to their nests.


Literally within days no more outside in those spots and consequentially no ants in the house anymore either.

My point is that if you can get rid of the outside ants you won’t have a problem in your house anymore either. I have nothing to gain by promoting Amdro except to spread the word about a good product. This would not be safe around the birds, but then I haven’t seen a single ant in my house since I started using it along the walls outside so using it inside is not an issue.


Rose M. relates,

I have had ant problems, but, I started putting a little bit of cooking oil in a lid under my birdcage wheels. It works perfectly !!


Two more ants in the birdcage solutions from our readers.


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Thank you for all your great ideas, everyone.

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