How Do We Teach Our Bird His Name?

How Do We Teach Our Bird His Name?

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Lisa N. writes:


Happy New Year Catherine this is Lisa. I just wanted to let you know that Reggie and Kiwi are getting along like best friends. There have been no problems with Reggie attacking Kiwi they love being together. Thank you for that lighting treatment. 


I have a small problem now if you can call it that Kiwi says Reggie a lot sometimes he will say wee wee or pee wee we really try not to call out Reggie’s name but she says it all day when we say Kiwi he does look at us and knows we are talking to him is there a way to teach him to say his name or will he eventually say it on his own he’s 7 months old and does talk birdie talk all the time or is this normal when there is a new bird in the house, can’t wait to hear from you take care Lisa N.


Dear Lisa

That is so wonderful to hear. I am so glad that the lighting has helped get your two birds to get along again. Hormones are a very strong force.


Now getting Kiwi to say Kiwi may or may not happen. It will require you to say it a LOT to him. Morning through bedtime you should say it to him any time you can. As you say, he knows his name. But of course, he knows Reggie as well.


It may have come about with you calling out to Reggie whenever she was bullying Kiwi.  Now that they are getting along better, you may not be doing that as much.


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We are aware of this issue as we have a naughty Quaker named Chili who we are constantly calling out “Chili” because he spends all his out of cage time trying to get onto Keto’s cage, pulling off the door locks, and going into Keto’s cage to eat his food and ring his bells. 


Chili doesn’t talk a lot, well, not clearly, but he is always working on saying something, and now and then will spurt out “Chili” in the same tone that we use when we are yelling at him to get off Keto’s cage.


Birdcage lock picking Quaker parrot – Video


Keto doesn’t say his own name. He does say a lot of other things though. He came to us talking very clearly and when he is excited, he will go through every word he knows in one long run-on sentence over and over. But never has spoken his own name.


I would not worry about it. But keep on repeating words and phrases to him. We find birds are real sponges for the first 3 years and learn a lot, but then, they slow down and tend to use their favorite words over others.


Words that relate to something get used more than those that are just words unless they result in a reward of some sort.


Keto says “pretty bird” ~ Video


A past parrot we had learned a lot of words, but the ones he remembered and used often were food-related. “Nummy, Nummy”, “Mmmmmm”, “Good”, etc, vs phrases like “I can fly, can you talk”, which were cute to hear, but we didn’t reward him with treats so he lost interest in them.


Pick out a favorite seed from his food mix and whenever you hear him say something you like, repeat and give him a treat. That may make a difference.





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