Housing for a Lineolated Parakeet

Housing for a Lineolated Parakeet

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Thanks so much for spending time with me on the phone. Very much appreciated.

As discussed, I will be getting a single Linnie. Most likely, it will stay at one. There is a small chance it could expand to two birds later … but not in the plans right now. I just mention that in case it influences your recommendation. Wouldn’t want to have to change cages later in this unlikely occurrence.

As far as the cage itself, it sounds like something with a 24″ width with an open top option would fit the bill. I would presume I’d be looking for a depth between 20″ and 24″ give or take. Having a storage shelf or cabinet below is also important to me for food and supplies. I was leaning toward a platinum color but have also been told that white showcases the colors of the bird better when they are in the cage. Curious on your thoughts about that in terms of showing dirt and chips to the paint.

 A few other factors … 

Having the food cups lower would be important to keep most of the spillage in the cage when possible; separate access doors to the food cups is important 

Having a grate between the cage and the waste tray would also be important … one that slides out for easy cleaning 

Finally, having a waste tray that pulls out easily from the front of the unit for daily changing of liner paper would be very important. 

I will want a unit that has very reliable door locks including top door … as like you … I don’t underestimate the “escape” skills and intelligence of the cage occupant. 

On a related note, I will plan to have some type of play gym for our living room (the cage will be located in an adjacent study) … so I would like your best recommendation for a play gym or even floor-based stand for the Linnie. I’m expecting they will spend much out of cage time there during the mornings and evenings. I presume I would likely have something that would go on one of our tables … but again … I’m open to your suggestions. Do the gyms have the option of using liner paper as well or just an easily cleanable surface? 

When you respond with some options, please note availability. The bird will be shipping to use within 4 weeks give or take … so I need to be in a position to have everything in place by then. 

Thanks again … your advice is greatly appreciated!


Hi Matt

Thank you for contacting Windy City Parrot

Here’s a link that may be helpful to you: http://www.linniesociety.org/

here’s some additional bird cage selections for your Linneolated Parakeet. 


Newspaper is a cheap and plentiful liner for both bird cages & stands

Let me know if you have any other questions

Thanks, Mitch. Very helpful.

Meantime, a few follow-up questions … 

You proposed several cages that are 5/8 vs. .50 on the bar spacing. Just wanted to make sure you did so with deliberation given that we’re talking about I Linnie. I’ve consistently seen recommendations of .50 spacing for this type of bird. So I just wanted to clarify your thinking. 

In terms of cage color, in your experience, is white advisable or not in terms of showing dirt, chips, etc. My wife prefers white … but I would go with platinum or black if that ended up in your experience being a better choice. 

In addition to the stands you recommend, is there a portable play gym for a Linnie you carry that you would particularly recommend. Something that would be on a side table or coffee table.

I ran the 5/8″ bar spacing by my partner – Linnies are a little “chubbier” than budgies we think you bird will be fine. We kept an Indian Ringneck in a 1″ bar spacing cage for 8 years. I also point out to people that a bird has to be so motivated that they’re willing to literally scrape their eyeballs to get their little heads through the bars. 

Sorry about the out of stock – I no longer predict in stocks because of homeland security so we just wait until they show up 

I prefer platinum as it hides bird poop the best. 

you can get the stand without the floor base

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