How Can I Make Feathers Grow on a Featherless Parrot?

How Can I Make Feathers Grow on a Featherless Parrot?

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Chloe Sanctuary and Dr. Jenkins are injecting our birds with a poison called Haldol – all they are doing is “doping” the animals – I’ve spoken to Chloe and reached out to Dr. Jenkins.


Neither one talks about diet, lighting, foraging, and enrichment.


Have you ever had a conversation with your vet?


Nutrition (based diet)are we looking at the possibility of food allergies? Are we eating too many seeds?


Nutrition (chops) – If you are feeding your bird chop you may be starving your bird?


Habitat (cage) – does the birdcage offer a private area? Are there foraging/enrichment opportunities in and atop the cage?


Habitat (home) – does your bird have a place to be with you within the home so he or she is not eating furniture?


Why Are Veterinarians Are Injecting This Poison Into Our Birds?


Habitat (Lighting) – is your bird getting 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness or are you relying on North American ever-changing light cycles to thoroughly confuse and cripple your bird’s circadian clock?


Habitat (change) – are we rearranging our bird’s cages at least every 30 days causing them to rethink their entire environment and distracting them from things like plucking their own feathers?


Habitat (flock) – What are the interpersonal relationships between your bird and other members of the family including other pets?



Bird (interpersonal)- is there an issue between your bird and other human flock members? Did you recently move a piece of furniture or picture on the wall (yes that can be a plucking trigger?


Is Using An Anti Psychotropic Drug A Good Feather Plucking Solution?


Bird (physiological)


Clean – are we exposing our birds to any sort of bathing and/or misting – do they have bacterial infections in their mouth from drinking poop water?


We have cured feather plucking and prolific egg layers using light alone for years.


A technique taught to us by Dr. Gregory Harrison the founder of Harrison bird foods.


We also work closely with Home – Hari who has a close relationship with Home | Ontario Veterinary College – both have helped us focus on a holistic approach to pet bird care.



Watching the head exploding video – every parrot cage I see has ZERO toys – they are BORED SO THEY PLUCK (one trigger)


We have dozens of customers that thoroughly regretted Haldol treatments because it turns birds into zombies.


It is NOT approved as a veterinary medication much like Lupron.


Haloperidol is a medication that works in the brain to treat schizophrenia. Read more about Haloperidol (Haldol) | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness


I’m too agitated to keep writing.


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