How Chaos in the Bird Room Can Save Your Bird From Injuries

How Chaos in the Bird Room Can Save Your Bird From Injuries

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The majority of pet bird keepers that prefer their bird’s wings clipped offer a similar response when asked about their motivation to remove the function that defines a species.

“I don’t want him to fly into a wall/window/glass table” are typical responses.

I’ll then ask “so your parents never let you learn to drive because they feared you would drive into a garage door/road median/privacy fence”?

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“Well, we all took driver’s ed” is typically regurgitated.

This is me speaking aloud.

To be clear, you brought what is literally a descendant of velociraptors with 100 million years of instinctual expectations, into your home and expected that by lopping off a dozen wing feathers everything will well for the next 5 or 6 decades – do I have that right”?

We talk about flight training here

This video post is about “desensitizing” your birds to random loud noises and here’s one easy way of doing it

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