A Congo Greys Companion’s Feather Plucking Questions Answered
An African Gray Parrot Plucking Her Breast Feathers on Top of Her Cage

A Congo Greys Companion’s Feather Plucking Questions Answered

First name: Peggy C.


How long has your bird been plucking? 


Approximately 7 years 


Species (please be specific, as an example, there are 43 species of Macaws) 


Congo African Grey parrot


Your bird’s sex if (known) by DNA or feather color (dimorphic bird)? 




Your bird’s age? 




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Why Do We Have a Difficult Time With Our Pineapple Conure?

Lisa N.  writes:


Hi Catherine,


We are having a really difficult time with our Pineapple Conure.


We know he’s going through puberty but he has always been good with my husband now he bites all the time and won’t go in his cage.


When we try he just flies away and he has his times where he can be sweet but most of the time he’s a little hellion.



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How Do I Handle My 2 Amazon Rescues Both With a Broken Wing?



Good Morning, I am rescuing 2 abused Amazon parrots – Male / Female.


Both have 1 broken wing and cannot fly.


Female about 4-5 years old).


The male (about 15 yrs) picks the top of this wing and has scabs – not healed – what can I do to promote healing?


From my observation, both birds are under extreme stress.


Please let me know what I can apply topically to prevent further picking and plucking.



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Why Does My Macaw Regurgitate in Her Cage Daily?
Ara ararauna. Blue-yellow macaw parrot portrait. Ara macaw parrot

Why Does My Macaw Regurgitate in Her Cage Daily?

Charles S. relates


My bird is 14 years old. I have had him/her since being a baby!


Every day she regurgitates about a cup full in her cage!


When I leave her with an experienced bird keeper she does not do this!


They indicated that I may be petting her in a way that arouses her and that may be the problem.


She has been doing this for years.


Could it be how I’m feeding her? Usually, I feed her orange slices, 1 cracker, 2 peanuts, and a scoop of Zupreem twice a day.


Plus I give her another couple of peanuts as a treat during the day?



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