How Come My Yellow Nape Amazon Stopped Talking?

How Come My Yellow Nape Amazon Stopped Talking?

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Melinda T.  was wondering about her yellow nape amazon.

He is 39 years old. I had him from a chick. He has stopped talking. He just does a word here and there. He used to sing nursery rhythm and everything else Why would he stop. I had him checked out everything is good. The one vet said he said all he wanted to say and he’s done talking. What are your thoughts about this?

Dear Melinda,

Funny how when our birds talk while we want them to be quiet, the thought of them not talking doesn’t seem to be a problem until they don’t.

I am currently sitting at my desk which is surrounded by three bird cages and all three are making some sounds.

The African Ringneck Keto is making little “erp” noises, letting me know he is there.

He talks on and off throughout the workday, more so to his buddy in the mirror.

Chili the Quaker also can talk but usually chooses to make a multitude of sounds, lately, his favorite is the sound of my tape gun. Barney, the cockatiel “wolf whistles” and says “baby birdie”, over and over and over.

I tend to not even notice their chattering while I work, when a customer comes in they all crank it up and the visitor asks how I can work through the noise. Not a problem, and after they leave, the birds settle back down again.

But if they were all quiet all the time I would notice and wonder why.

A bird that normally chatters a lot, sings, etc during the day and stops is a concern.

The first question is the bird sick? An ailing bird is likely to stop talking.

That you took the bird to the Vet is good. That the Vet said what he did, was not as pleasing.

Is the vet an Avian Vet or a dog and cat Vet? You will get completely different care from them depending on their experience and training.

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  1. Did he lose a friend (another parrot) recently? My DYH quit talking 5 years ago when his pal of 35 years passed away. He also mourned the passing of my ex. Just a thought.
    FYI my DYH still has the run of the house and is good in all other ways.

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