How Dangerous Is Sharing Veggies in Grocery Deli Trays?

How Dangerous Is Sharing Veggies in Grocery Deli Trays?

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Linda and her FIDs are curious,

Hi, thanks for all your advice. How dangerous or not is sharing small amounts of veggies from tray from grocery store deli?

I often eat veggie trays for meals and want to share with CAG, G2, and GCC. If occasionally do you think it’s a treat snd. K? Normally their greens come from organic sources through the co-op.

We respect your advice.

Thank you, Linda & flock

Hi Linda

Firstly there is not one long-term study on the health benefits of “organic” for humans or animals.

In 2019 the USDA granted several east coast pig farmers $100,000,000 to clean up pig feces leached into water tables next to (organic) farms.

Ironically, studies from Boston MA, Kansas City KS, and Davis CA brought to light “much higher than acceptable lead levels” in all 3 co-ops vegetables most likely coming from toxins leached into municipal soil.

The majority of humans I speak with about organic pet or human food naively believe organic plants require no pesticides thus use none.

The list of organic pesticides approved by the USDA | AGDAILY


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