Why Does My Macaw Hate the Inside of His New Birdcage?
Blue-and-yellow Macaw Ara ararauna in a cage

Why Does My Macaw Hate the Inside of His New Birdcage?

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Dale S. has a new B&G macaw rescue and relates:

About a month ago I received a blue gold macaw as kind of a rescue, the folks that had him couldn’t handle or take care of him anymore. I am his third owner in as best they could tell me 12 years. 

I don’t have any experience with macaws prior. 

So far so good except the cage ordeal. 


The cage they gave me for him was way too small and he absolutely hated it so I built him a perch to hang out on in my basement till I could get a suitable cage for Oscar. 

I received the cage yesterday and got it all put together got the toys, hanging, food, and water. 


He will go in willingly to eat, drink, play. 


As soon as I close the door he literally goes bat @@@@ crazy!!! 


Screaming running around all over upside down back and forth. 


I’m sure the answer is to take my time with him but I can’t let him have the run of the house when I’m not home either. 


Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appropriated. 


Thank you in advance. 



Kudos on the rescue Dale.A wise man once said, “parrots are like autistic three-year-olds in a feather suit and remain that way for decades.”


He didn’t like the small cage.



Feathered factoid: a smaller cage for a larger macaw can work as a sleep cage if the bird is out-of-the-cage all day long.


He doesn’t like the new large cage.


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Much like a recalcitrant teenager who screams “you’re a terrible parent for not letting me go to the movies with my friends at 10 o’clock at night,” your bird will get over it.


Shut the birdcage door, walk away, and ignore all the screaming otherwise, your bird will have begun to train you.


If this remains an issue reach back out and let’s talk – I’d be open to a Zoom meeting.


Stay safe.



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