How Do I Avoid Getting Bit When Cleaning My Macaw’s Cage?

How Do I Avoid Getting Bit When Cleaning My Macaw’s Cage?

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Joann C. is concerned,


When I try to clean Tank my macaw’s cage, I get bit please help.


Dear Joann

Sorry for your Macaw cage cleaning woes. If you are trying to reach in and clean the cage while the bird is in the cage, the bird is just being protective of its home.


All that our birds have to call their own are their cages, stands, toys.


We cannot punish them for this behavior. But you can work around it by being cognizant of this and plan your cleaning accordingly.


You don’t state if you are reaching in daily to pull paper and debris or are waiting until it gets pretty bad before having to do a more dedicated clean-up.


The more often you clean the cage, the more the bird will get used to your being there.


It would be a good idea to plan to remove the bird to a distant stand or another cage before doing the cleaning.


Giving the bird a special treat only when you are about to embark on this task may help.


If the bird has a yummy, fresh slice of corn on the cobb or walnut or even a small cube of coveted cheese to dine on they are less likely to spend their time pecking at you.


Don’t set yourself up to be bitten. It is easier to avoid the bite.


We have smaller parrots, a quaker, a ringneck, a cockatiel, and 6 budgies housed in 7 cages (day and night cages) ~ we feel your pain.


Birds are often very cage protective and it does not matter how much they love us, If we stick our hand in the cage to do anything, move a toy, change out food and water, give a treat, etc.


We can expect that our quaker will try to bite us. It may start as a mild one, but becomes stronger the longer our arms, fingers are in the cage.


So we let him out, perhaps put him on a stand, THEN we will reach in and do what needs to be done without being bitten.


AVOID the bite by planning ahead.


I hope this helps.


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