What To Do When One Cockatiel Passes?

What To Do When One Cockatiel Passes?

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Karl W writes:

One of our two cockatiels passed today.

We have had a pair of males for 14 years and they were 4-6 years old when we got them.

They have been together all their lives.

My concern is the surviving one.

Any words of wisdom?

Should I rearrange the cage?

I am concerned about him because they were inseparable.

It worries me that he may now pass because of loneliness.

My wife and I are trying to comfort him the best we can.

After all, we are the only flock he has left.

Any advice?


Dear Karl

We are sorry for your loss and the loss of your remaining cockatiel.

It is likely he will mourn the loss of the other bird.

Was he there when the other bird passed?

If so, then you may have to go through watching the bird look around for his lost buddy.

He may already know.

But he will feel the loss of course as he goes about his day.

Were they tame?

Able to be held.

Able to come out of their cage?

If so, it may be easier on the remaining cockatiel.

Yes, redoing the cage may be helpful if the bird appears to be hunting for his buddy in familiar places.

Cockatiels Flying In Slomo ~ video

If you don’t wish to get another bird for his company and he is not interested in human interaction, then get him a mirror to hang on the side of the cage.

It should be helpful for the company.

We hope this helps.

Karl W replied:

Thanks for your response.

Yes, he was there.

The reason I took a look in the cage was that Stormy was making more of a ruckus than usual right at Sunny’s lifeless body.

Sunny could have been dead for only a few minutes.

I checked on him after taking him from their cage. He was obviously dead but still warm.

They were tame but didn’t like to be held, I assume because of their neglect when they were young, which is why we liberated them in 2006 but liked to play outside of their cage.

He has been looking and calling for his buddy.

Right now we are giving him additional attention.

He already is giving a mirror over their bathwater much more attention than ever before.

Dear Mike


Thank you for the picture.

They are adorable.

We have a new rescued normal cockatiel male ourselves.

If Stormy is on the left, he looks like our Barney.

Well, it sounds like you are doing the right things by Stormy.

You might consider filling in the cage a bit with some fluffy, chewable, shreddable toys. they may be comforting to Stormy.


He can cuddle up to them, rip them apart in his frustration and can even help fill the void, as the cage may feel a lot emptier right now.

Do you have Alexa?

Try to create a playlist for Stormy or Bird Sounds that you can play. We have one that lasts 2-3 hours that we put on for our budgies daily, we also play the radio for voices in between so it helps keep humans in the mix.

We hope the best for you and Stormy.



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