How Do I Fix My Peach-faced Lovebird’s Beak Issues?

How Do I Fix My Peach-faced Lovebird’s Beak Issues?

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Brian M. is concerned,


I have a peach-faced lovebird that seems to have an issue with his beak.


His beak has never been trimmed and he has a stone that he rubs his beak on to grind it down. Recently the top part broke and it is smaller now but the lower part of the beak looks like it needs to be trimmed.


I read where some people trim them but I made an appointment with the vet.


I am nervous about taking the bird there he has never been taken anywhere.


I am afraid he can’t eat everything with the lower long beak.


Dear Brian

How old is your lovebird? What diet is he on? If mainly a seed diet he could develop fatty liver disease which can cause the upper beak to overgrow and get very long.


The extra length can also make it more likely to break.


That the upper beak is now shorter is likely revealing what the lower beak really looks like.


The bottom beak rarely needs any trimming.


The best thing would be to take the bird to your local Avian Vet for a look-see. If any further trimming needs to be done, the Vet is the only one that should be doing it.


Please let us know what the Vet finds out.


Pictures are very much appreciated too.


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FYI: Installing a rough pedicure perch near the food dish helps with nail trimming and beak honing, the bird is active and always rubbing its beak to remove food particulate – on the pedicure perch


Never install a rough perch high up and in the rear so he does not choose it to sleep on. It should only be placed low and in the front of the cage or by food dishes.



Hi Catherine

I have had Tweety for 10 years and captured him flying around in the wild over where I work.


It was a miracle that I could even get him, it was July and very hot weather outside.


Not sure if someone lost him or set him free.


I give him seed and also Harrisons Superfine pellets.


He also loves to eat pistachios.


He had been doing pretty well except for the upper beak that was overgrown.


He rubbed it on a flat stone he has in the cage until it eventually broke off.


I could get him one of those pedicure perches.


Dear Brian

Tweety looks to be a very lucky bird that you found him. It does appear to be a problem with the beak. 


Most likely the bottom became overgrown because the top beak was not coming down properly to help keep it in normal shape. Yes, get the bird to the vet.


Some soft food might be helpful until then. Add a few drops of fruit juice to a little dish of pellets to soften them. Even some scrambled eggs or oatmeal may be appreciated.


Please let me know the outcome.




Do you think they will be able to trim the lower beak? Brian


Dear Brian


Oh yes, they will do that.


Hi Catherine

I took Tweety to see the Avian vet and she trimmed up his beak both top and bottom. She said I should get Tweety on the pellets and not too much of a seed diet.


I put the superfine pellets in his dish but he really wants pistachios. Hopefully, he will get to eat more of the pellets. Thanks, Brian


Dear Brian


Sounds good on the beak trim. You likely will need to return to the Vet for further treatments.


Good on the pellets, just put a little seed in to entice him to eat. Not enough for him to fill up on the seed alone.



Change it out every day. But do expect to be throwing out uneaten food.


Your bird will be going through a lot having to change its diet so much.


Pistachios are not as bad as sunflower seeds so half a pistachio is not a bad treat.


Do you have a particular pellet in mind now?


Higgins Intune Harmony is a good choice.


It has good pellets and other dried bits in the mix to make it more tasty and interesting.


Please let me know how it goes.




Hi Catherine

I have been giving Tweety Harrisons High Potency Superfine pellets, but will check out the Higgins.


Back after Tweety’s beak broke he was falling a little bit climbing around and broke his tail feathers off.


Now he has some little fuzzy feathers trying to come out on his bottom.


The vet said she didn’t think they would grow back but they look like they are trying.


The vet said I will have to bring Tweety back after a bit for more beak trimming most likely.


Thanks, Brian

Mitch Rezman

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