How Do I Get My Bird to Use a Tweeky Clean Less Mess Pet Feeder?

How Do I Get My Bird to Use a Tweeky Clean Less Mess Pet Feeder?

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Joyce  C. shares a concern:

I purchased the small Tweeky Clean Less Mess Pet Feeder for my two cockatiels (not sharing the same cage).

Am a little worried that they will be able to find the food inside the container?

They don’t seem to notice the hole to go inside to get their seed.

My 5 mo old stands on the top and the 4 yr old will stand under it.


I have the opening close to their rope perch to maybe entice them to check out the opening when they are close.


Should I also leave a little dish of seed, as usual, until they decide to adventure into the new feeder so they don’t go hungry?


Thanks, Joyce


Dear Joyce


If they are hung inside the cage and not on the outside over a food door, they may need help to get inside.


Are the birds able to climb inside from a close-by perch or ladder? Consider adding a small perch or rope perch closeby so they can toodle in without trouble.

3 Tweek Clean Mess-Less bird feeders @ Windy City Parrot ~ video

Many cockatiels seem a little clumsy as they try something new and some fussy guys just say nope.


We had a hard time with our cockatiel the first time and stuck a long piece of millet into the feeder with the end sticking out teasing them to want to eat it, once they do that, pull the millet in further and they should follow it.


Once inside, they have figured it out.


Joyce C. replied

Yes, they have a perch right there by the opening.

I will try the millet trick. That sounds good.

Thank you. 🙂

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