How Do I Improve My Parakeet’s Diet?
Budgie parrot is sitting on the hand and eating from the palm.

How Do I Improve My Parakeet’s Diet?

Last Updated on by Mitch Rezman

Hi, Mitch,

I spoke to you about my parakeet’s diet and you were going to send me some helpful info. Thanks! Steve

Hey Steve

thanx for reaching out


Here’s a birdie bread pellet conversion infographic.

Birdie bread conversion info graphic

Here’s how we got our cage full of demons (10 Bacon – Eggs – Toast – Jam – Biscuit – Gravy – Chicken – Waffles – Bagel – Creamcheese) to accept fresh vegetables.


This is a great video to help make sense of your budgie’s instinctual expectations and thought processes which are higher than you may have imagined.



Happy holidays!



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