How Do I Know if My Cookware Is Bird Safe?

How Do I Know if My Cookware Is Bird Safe?

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Sarah enquires:


I read your post about Teflon which I don’t use.

I bought a set of cookware called EuroCast.

It is nonstick, do you know if this is safe for my birds?

I use low heat when cooking with it but still would like to know what you think.

Mitch R. replied


Not sure myself Sarah,


Here is their support email [email protected]


and phone


9AM -2 PM PST @ 1(888)788-EURO (3876)


You can also reach out to our resident cookware expert David Lewis here: [email protected].


As he explains:


“Since the big Teflon lawsuits started happening 15 years ago, a lot of the brands have made it challenging to determine if they use that substance in their cookware products. It’s especially a problem for bird owners and health-conscious kitchens”.


Stay safe




David Lewis replied:


Hi Sarah! And thx for connecting us, Mitch.


I recently started a catalog of nonstick cookware brands that helps people in your situation identify if a pan has PTFE, or not.


Like Mitch mentioned, some brands have been openly misleading about what materials are used in the construction of their products.


I didn’t have EuroCast on my list yet, but according to the brand’s product description on Amazon, it is PTFE free.


I’ll do some more digging and reach out to their customer service to confirm before adding the brand to my catalog since the site doesn’t specifically mention PTFE. I’ll let you know what I find.


All the best,


David Lewis

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