How Do I Make Moving the Birdcage Less Stressful for My Conure?

How Do I Make Moving the Birdcage Less Stressful for My Conure?

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Denise Mc. asks about lighting for her GCC.

I have sweetie (green-cheek) in the front window & around Christmas, I move the cage to a different location & he is not happy. I heard it’s not good for a bird to be in the window at all. I would like to move him & how can I make it less stressful for sweetie. Merry Christmas 🎄!

Dear Denise

It does seem that having a bird’s cage set in the window would be the best place for them. 

The light is better, they can see so much more throughout their day, so why not?

Putting your bird’s cage in the window does not mean that they get real natural sunlight that is good for their health. The glass filters out any health benefits. If you want vitamin production for the birds you will need to provide it in their food or water.

A cage in the window exposes the bird to everything they see without the ability to feel safe. 

If they see a crow or a hawk or scary animals, they cannot flee. They do not know that they are safe and they can suffer anxiety and fear.

They have no solid back to their cage which gives them a place to retreat for safety, they are exposed and they likely would flutter around the cage looking for an escape or scramble to the cage floor hoping they can somehow hide.

If your bird’s cage is on a wall, they have a place to retreat. If the cage is on a wall, yet faces toward a window they can still look out, yet, not be exposed.

Also, windows can be cold at night and the air is usually colder. The birds can fluff up to warm up, but they should not have to.

During the day, the heat coming through the window can also be a problem.

That the bird is used to being in the window and it seems like it misses it. What they may really be missing is being in the “family” space that is now occupied by the tree.

Can you find a place, along a wall, that is still within the family area so the bird is not left out of the family way?



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