How Do I Properly Store Leftover Pet Bird Seed Mix?

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Joyce R. writes:
Good morning bird friends, I would like advice on storing extra Higgins Safflower Gold mix and Zupreem Fruit pellets.
My beloved Quaker Coco was euthanized two days ago. 
Grieving her loss but thinking ahead about adopting again.
Would it be safe to freeze the extra food and for how long?
Thank you so much!

Dear Joyce
Oh no, I am very sorry for your loss.
Our birds are so special to us it is so hard to lose them.
The food, unless you are getting another bird that can eat it within 3-6 months depending on how old your food is currently, it may be best to give it away or feed to birds outside.
You may take 3-6 months or longer before you find just the right bird for you.
The foods can be sealed up in tightly closed mason jars and put into a freezer or onto a pantry shelf until you need them.
But please check on the food before you bring your new bird home on the off chance that it does sprout wings.
You will then want to discard it and get now food in.
We wish you well in finding a new baby.

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