How Do I Rehome My Panama Amazon?

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Pearl is sad:


I have to give up my Panama Amazon, she is very jealous of my Jenday Conure. where do I go to do this?


Dear Pearl,

Sorry that you can’t keep both birds.

Was the conure with you first? How long?


When did you get the Amazon?


Is it possible to contact its original owner first?


Try to contact a local bird club if you cannot locate a bird rescue in your area.


Where are you? What city and state? 


Please let us know and we can try to locate a bird club or bird rescue in your area.


Pearl responded:

My Jenday was 30 years old in January my Panama was 30 years old in June.


I hand fed them both, after many years the Amazon changed and got jealous of my Conure, she would not get on my finger and bit me a few times.


I had to get a Tetanus shot after the bad bite.



She speaks beautifully, whistles, and sings.


I had breast cancer and I can’t take so many chances, she is very smart and when I zip up my handbag when I`m ready to go out she says “see you later”.


She needs to be in a one-bird home as she is amazing.


I bought her from a breeder in Fla.


I live in Staten Island N.Y. I will try to locate a bird club near here.


Thank you, and I will keep you posted on this heartbreaking decision I have to make.


Dear Pearl

I understand. Yes, the conure may be easier to handle considering your health.


Amazons live so much longer than conures. Your conure is pretty close to the end of his life expectancy.


Have you considered that?


If he passes in the next year or so, would you feel that you should have kept the amazon?


Do you think if the conure is not around that your relationship with the amazon would get better?


You might have an easier time rehoming the conure.


This is a bird club in Brooklyn NY, they might be a resource for you.


Here is a New York Pet Bird Rescue that may be helpful.


Please let me know how it goes.



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