How Do I Stop My Cockatiel From Laying So Many Eggs?

How Do I Stop My Cockatiel From Laying So Many Eggs?

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Karen E. is concerned about her cockatiel’s egg laying,


My 4-year-old Tiel has now laid eggs for the second time in 5 months and plucked herself terribly!


She eats pellet and some greens and cuttlebone, mineral block.. she’s very picky at eating.


What is the best thing I can do for egg-laying to throw her off, and the plucking? Her health is normal since the last vet visit.


I’m beside myself!! Please help💔


We feel your pain, Karen,

We had a cockatiel was a prolific egg layer, had Ascites and cancer.


We stopped the egg-laying but cancer eventually took her.


A 72 hour light treatment will start to solve both problems.


Some birds like cockatiels will pull their own feather for netting material use – FYI.


This post will give you some background and instructions for the lighting treatment. 


How Pet Bird Keepers Get The Lighting Thing Wrong


Best of luck


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