How Do I Stop Roaches Where I Board My Bird?
How Do I Stop Roaches Where I Board My Bird?

How Do I Stop Roaches Where I Board My Bird?

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Scott S. is concerned,

I board my bird with a friend, who has two conures of her own. 

For the past few months she has had an issue with roaches in a room dedicated solely to the birds.

I went to her home and disassembled 3 cages and noticed that the hollow framework has openings at all ends where they join together. 

I stream cleaned all of these joints, but the issue remains. 

I was wondering if you sell a cage that does not have openings at the end the frames–the ends would be sealed at every point so, while hollow,  there would be no  access into the frame themselves.  

Thanks for any help on this.  I am an existing customer and a regular reader of you Sunday Birdie Brunch.

Dear Scott

Modern bird cages are all hollow in the main (usually 4) upright support posts as metal is heavy and expensive. Solid posts would be much heavier and more expensive to make and ship.

Older cages may be found that have been made of wrought iron (usually Mexican-made) and as such the 4 upright posts may have been solid. But they usually don’t have built-in food doors or easily accessible debris trays etc. The newer cage improvements are worth it.

Hollow tube upright posts, to have ends capped also add cost and time to a cage. There may be some luxury cages out there that can have these features added but likely would increase the price out of the range of most buyers.

Even if she had solid posts with no openings, the roaches could nest under the paper, inside any fiber toys, and in the rest of the home. The problem is not the cages.



Hey Scott,

This procedure might be able to be repurposed as a cockaroch solution.



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