How Do We Overcome Temporary Care Problems for 2 Budgies?

How Do We Overcome Temporary Care Problems for 2 Budgies?

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Lisa N. wrote:


Hi, Catherine hope all is well.


We have been really busy my son is moving to his new home in a few weeks and working a lot of hours so we taking care of his 2 parakeets.


Ricky is older than Kiwi.


When we take them out of the cages for exercise little Kiwi will chase after Ricky and Ricky just wants to do his own thing and trying to get him back in the cage is very difficult my son.


He says Kiwi is always like that but I thought the parakeets got along.


Kiwi won’t even come to us or my son, you just have to wait for him to hopefully go in his cage.


They have been together for almost a year.


Is there anything we can do to make things better or will they just not get along ever.



Thank you. Lisa N.


Catherine replied,

Dear Lisa

The parakeets may be stressed over their new location and just like people, they all act differently because of it. In their own cage at home, they knew what is what, but in your home, they don’t.

Some may be quiet and calm, some may act out and lash out at the closest birdie.


Are there toys in the cage?


Is the cage large enough so they don’t have to sit next to each other all the time?


If the cage is on the small side (under 18″-20″ wide) they may be in close enough proximity to each other that one bugs the other more due to the stress.


Are the keets normally friendly to all humans and want to be on them?


This is not usually the norm.


We have several parakeets and they all pretty much act like all humans are evil and every time I go near their cage to feed, water, or clean their cage they run for the hills. This is after years with them.


What budgies do when you’re not watching ~ Video


Birds of a feather stick together and you have no feathers.


During the transition time, you may wish to just keep them in their cage until they go to their new home.


This time together will not harm them in any way and may instead help them to relax.


I hope this helps.





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