Can My Red-Bellied Parrot Return Home Without Issue After A Long Time Elsewhere?

Can My Red-Bellied Parrot Return Home Without Issue After A Long Time Elsewhere?

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Jean T. relates, 

I had an 8 year old red bellied parrot for about 4 years. I had to give her to a friend due to a family situation at my house (hopefully in a year I can bring her back home). I would like to visit my parrot but I was wondering if this would be too hard on her. So my question is visit or no visit?


Dear Jean


If you are going to get your bird back at some point, yes, please try to continue being part of its life.


  • Visiting at least once a week with treats is great.
  • Can you record yourself talking to the bird and send it to your friend so she can play it for your bird?
  • Can you call and let the bird hear you on the phone?


Most likely your bird is sitting and waiting for you now and is sad. When our pets are separated from us we are unable to explain why.


Depending on its bond with you currently, you may end up with a bird that has plucked itself and has also developed some behavioral problems.


The longer this goes on, the harder it is correct these problems.


Years ago after my divorce, when I traveled for work I left my sweet bird with a close friend who was more than happy to take him.



But I found out later that she didn’t spend much time with him, she sat in her place with dimmed lights for extended periods of time, and thus so did he.


After a couple of weeks away I took him back home and was horrified to find that he had plucked himself bald.


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I decided that I had to keep him with me, even take him on my trips to help him from feeling abandoned.


If you can find a way to bring him back home sooner than later, please do.


Problems happen at home all the time and finding the perfect moment may never come.


If not, you may need to just let him go and become a part of this new family.


Please let us know how this is going.


Kindest Regards,


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