How Effective Are Flat Perches For African Grey’s?

How Effective Are Flat Perches For African Grey’s?

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I just sent a response to my recent order for 5 more flat perches to be put into my African Grey’s cage. 

He was sold to me without toenails, and when I questioned the store owner, he told me “they’d grow back” which they never have. 

I searched online and found that sometimes, Mommy birds eat their babies’ toes off after birth.

Well, this little guy just fell all the time from his round perch to the bottom of his cage. 

Over and over again.

When I researched other or alternative perches, yours came up.

Prevue pet flat perch for handicapped birds

Find Flat Perches Here


To make a long story short, I bought one perch – that he hardly ever leaves.

This brought me to my last order for 5 more! 

I put four in his cage (removing all the round perches) and I also put a large flat perch in my Amazon’s cage, although he doesn’t have a handicap.

He is still cautious of it and hasn’t stood on it yet, but the Grey (my Mr. Peanut) is quickly adapting to his new perches, and I don’t hear him fall very often. 

I have made the bottom of the case soft with the addition of a piece of foam, and newspaper over the top to cushion the fall!  

I love the flat perches.  Thank you for all the information I’ve received on your site.



Hi Susan

So glad they are working out – we’ll be approving reviews later today – here’s a little story called “How did our cockatiel’s leg & foot end up in a paper cast?”

This is about the changes we made to our ‘tiels cage while her foot was in a cast – hope it helps and best of luck

Mitch Rezman

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