How I Reduced Strokes in my White Capped Pionus
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How I Reduced Strokes in my White Capped Pionus

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Margarita wrote


I have tried to answer the post regarding the bird having strokes/seizures


I have experience with that.


Once I try to post an answer it asks me again for a WordPress login or to just enter my login. 


So twice it asks me for login but it still doesn’t work and I really want to give the person the info I know so she can discuss it with her Vet. 


I don’t have Word Press and don’t do FB.


Here is my experience:


I have a White Capped Pionus who is 30+ years old, he started having mini-strokes about 4 years ago. 



I take him to a vet who is considered one of the top vets regarding birds. 


The veterinarian started my bird off with 1/4 baby aspirin in 1/4 cup of water ( in case it was his heart) 


My bird continued to have the mini strokes, he would fall off perch and one side of him would be paralyzed, his foot curled up and he could hardly stand because he was scared ( and so was I) after a few minutes maybe 2-4 min he would regain the strength on the one side and depending on whatever would either continue as usual or stay still for a while and may not eat for a few hours. Typically he would go on as usual.


The vet said that it could be a stroke or epilepsy but that the recommended med was Phenobarbital 4mg/ml elixir


We started out with a very low dosage and since after a while he had more mini-strokes we have increased as necessary. 


He is a small parrot so a little goes a long way and the increments have been minor. 


Editors note: The White Capped Pionus is the smallest of all Pionus. are between 9 and 10 inches when measured from head to tail. and weigh between 7 and 8 ounces. Endnote


He has not turned into a dumb bird as I thought he would, has a very good quality of life and he has not had a stroke in a very long time. 


My vet is Dr. Doug Mader at the Marathon Vet Hospital in Marathon, FL 33050 in the Florida Keys. 


He said that it didn’t matter if it were epilepsy or a stroke because the same med is used for both.


Please let the person with the bird that is having strokes know. 


Her vet could call Dr. Mader to discuss.


Thanks, Margarita


First Margarita, I apologize for the problems with responding to Discus.


You can easily sign up with discus as shown here


The only information that is shared is the content you post, period.


Getting to the crux of the matter, I’ve used your comments in a separate post (this one) so doesn’t it get lost and have also forwarded the information to Sherry and Skeeter.


I’m certain it will be helpful.


I have had a White Capped Pionus, she was a gentle loving bird.


Best of luck to you and your Pi.




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