How Long Is Too Long for Birds in Travel Carriers?

How Long Is Too Long for Birds in Travel Carriers?

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Judy M. worries about:

Hi, Mitch,

The closest avian vet to me is 2 hours away, I worry about my bird being in his travel cage or carrier ( as I have both) for so long, the trip there, the trip home, the visit itself…..

Do you think it would be extremely stressful for Alex?

He has been to an exotics vet, who is only about 15 minutes from me, he was fine.

However, getting him in his carrier is not on his list of favorite things to do.

Thank you,


​Don’t overthink this Judy, birds are tougher than humans give them credit for.

​Keep the carrier close to your bird’s cage all day.

Place favored treats and or toys inside to keep interests up.

6 How To’s for Terrestrial Travel with Your Bird

​Do some practice runs and drives.

​Short commute

The Keto Kommute ~ video

​Stay healthy




Caveat: Some birds get car sick and regurgitate while traveling.

If this is your case withhold food 6 hours prior to travel.

It’s less stressful than the act of regurgitation. 

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