I Can’t Believe How Many Dangers Are in My Bird’s Cage!

I Can’t Believe How Many Dangers Are in My Bird’s Cage!

Last Updated on by Mitch Rezman

From: Donna L.


Subject: Dangers found in toys and Oops, wrong Donna?


Hi Mitch,


I received your informative lesson about the dear little budgie?  (Sorry, tiny strokes-no memory)


I couldn’t stop reading.  So happy I found you! 


I started to dismantle my sweet little 21-year-old Meyer’s parrot’s toys to DIY new ones. 


I stuck my finger on something very very sharp! 


It was a little zip tie that was wrapped around a “bunch” of colored paper ribbons you see on so many toys.


Poicephalus – 9 African Parrot Species not Ending in Grey


The end of it had been cut, forming a very hard, very sharp pointed angle.


I also found a twisted metal wire, with uneven ends so one stuck out further than the other, making another sword.


Let’s check all our bird toys
and accessories daily for safety ~ Video


I was horrified and ripped apart all the toys she had (except Planet Pleasures and Bonka toys which are always great, utilizing absolutely safe parts.) 


What the Heck Are Poicephalus Parrots Anyway? Check Out the Videos on (Almost) All of Them.


I had no idea the other toys were bombs waiting to go off. 


Fortunately, she only had 2 or 3, but that’s 3 too many. 


She and I were lucky. 


I have pictures of them and will send them to you and Amazon where I bought them.  


Again so happy to find you!


My best,




You’re preaching to the choir, Donna 🙂


Watch the video for a prime example of the point you are making.


We love pictures.


They are cute little balls of feathers, who, at-the-end-of-the-day are miniature velociraptors with evolutionary expectations spanning a hundred million years


This is an issue we can’t talk about enough – thank you


Stay safe



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