I Had 8 Finches in a Cage – Now I Have 27 – Is My Cage Big Enough?

I Had 8 Finches in a Cage – Now I Have 27 – Is My Cage Big Enough?

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Tricia Z. wants to know how many finches would be comfortable in a birdcage




I had 8 finches in a cage measuring 32 w x 32 h x 21d” and my neighbor just passed away and bequeathed me 19 more finches.


Everyone is getting along well. I have several nests and perches in the cage.


Do I need to get a larger flight cage?


Dear Tricia

It was wonderful that you took in the 19 finches. I am sure it is quite the sight with all those birds and their music. Beautiful. How long have you had the now 27 birds together? It is not usual for a larger group of birds, strange to each other even to appear to be just fine when they are all newly united.


But it won’t be long before they start opening up to each other, looking for buddies as well as possible mates. It also can bring out the bad sides of some of them. The bullies, the anxiety-prone, and maybe some that are prone to egg-laying.


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Are you planning to allow free breeding? 


If so, your now large cage will become very small in no time.



You may wish to get a second cage and separate the males from the females to prevent pairing off, breeding aggression, and reproduction.


Are they the same species or mixed? If you have mixed species then it would be prudent to read up on all you can.


At this time I would remove all the nests, and increase the perches and food and water dishes. Then see what you plan to do next.




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