I Have a Parakeet That Is Very Mean I Keep Trying to Tame Him

I Have a Parakeet That Is Very Mean I Keep Trying to Tame Him

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Kathy B. relates, 

I have a Parakeet. He’s very mean. I keep trying to Tame him and he killed his female Mates. It’s female partners and kill all the eggs and I just don’t know what to do with him

Dear Kathy

Sometimes you can’t change things. If a parakeet is not handheld at a very young age and socialized with humans early then there is little that you can do to change that.


Parakeets love being with other parakeets first and foremost. Even other bird species will appeal to them over humans.

Unfortunately, if you have an especially aggressive bird you will need to either separate it or even clip its wings so it can’t chase the other birds as well.

How big is the cage? Too small a cage can lead to aggression for sure. How many water and food dishes? There should be multiples if you have several birds in the cage.


You do NOT have to house a male and female together, perhaps another male?

But a mature male as with his aggressive tendencies the youngster might be harmed.

Also, if offering a new companion you must remove the original bird (the aggressive one), move around all the toys, perches, etc, then put in the NEW one, followed by the old one. That way the older one doesn’t know it is HIS cage to protect. It will be new for both.


Please, more details so we can better advise.

 Kathy B replied,

Thank you for your help but he’s in a very big cage

They were in a very big cage for a small parrot and he was given to me so I don’t know if he was hand tamed.

The ones that I had were and he killed both of them and the eggs.

I’m looking for a home for him because I do not want him.

Dear Kathy

Some birds, like people, are just jerks. I hope you can find a good home for him soon.




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