I Just Wanted to Show You the New Cage I Got for Kelly Recently

I Just Wanted to Show You the New Cage I Got for Kelly Recently

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Hello Catherine, I just wanted to show you the new cage I got for Kelly recently.

He’s only been in it a few days.

I was excited to see him move around and explore, however, I needed to get the ladder because he was struggling to get to the top play area.

It’s sad to see how helpless he is without enough feathers to fly.

I’ve been giving him apples every day which he seems to enjoy.


Although he’s still picking at himself regularly.


I don’t know how to get him to stop. I guess it has become a bad habit.


Okay, I have a little time now. I have just gotten in and had other things to deal with but I wanted to respond as quickly as I could.


The Lights.


Lighting is very important to give tropical birds an environment that is natural for them.


Dim lighting is not natural and only raises their hormone levels and can cause depression and broody behavior


dual full spectrum lighting over cockatiel cage

Our way of lighting Barney’s cage and play top area.


A full spectrum or strong daylight bulb set up, placed as close to the top of a birds cage set on a timer 12 hours on and 12 hours off, every day will help your bird feel like he is in the tropics in the summer and can be very helpful for his frame of mine, overall happiness.


All of our birds have these light setups and they are fairly level, don’t pick, and don’t suffer from hormonal behavior.

african ringneck on top opf birdcage next to lamp fixture


Keto’s (a Windy City Parrots rescue) well-lit birdcage.


Now your bird may never regrow its feathers, but he might some of them when he feels comfortable, safe, and happy.


Yes, picking one’s feathers becomes a habit and is unable to break after so long.


This is a simple light setup that you can try.


Daylight bulb, clamp light and timer set


It comes with a clamp, but you can remove the clamp and hang it like a swag light. You may be able to see it above our cockatiels cage.


We have many lighting options available here.


Windy City Parrot Double Double Birdcage Lighting Project ~ Video


Now you have a male so the egg-laying issue is not the problem for you.


But males can suffer from hormonal issues too in the form of depression, biting, picking, lashing out, aggression.


Our customers who have had these odd behaviors with their males, do show visible improvement after 30 days.


Please take a little time and check it out, please get back to me with any questions.

Also, if you need the Booda rope perches, let me know. We are currently out of stock, but I can have them drop-shipped for you directly.
Thank you. I don’t know about those lamps. What is the purpose and for how many hours do they stay on?


Very nice, I like the rope perch on the upper left side. If he wants to snooze there he can.


Thank You for All Your Tips and Advice!


Lovely, he looks like he is feeling good. There is a bright light in his eyes.


Looks like things are moving forward well.


Thank you for letting me help you help him.


I saw you put the basketball toy between the two food dishes. Move it somewhere else where he can sit with better footing.

In this position he has to climb up over the dishes and if nothing else, poop in the dishes.

Also perhaps his treat was too big?

Birds also will pick up a piece of food, take a bite and drop the rest. That is what they were put on earth to do. So give smaller bits. But expect to have wasted food, forever.

Thank you Catherine for that life lesson… it gave me a good laugh and a big smile on my face.
I have such a habit of wanting to control everything and there are some things that I just can’t control.
Yes, I had to empty his water dish twice due to dropped food & poop today.

I’m going to leave him alone for a while instead of watching his every move. It’s too exhausting.


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