Should I Get My 30-year-old Parrot a Harness?

Should I Get My 30-year-old Parrot a Harness?

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Nancy N.writes:


Questions about a harness for My African Grey.


She is 30 and really wants to “go for a walk” whenever I take the dog.


She stands guard by the door and flaps her wings which she does whenever we put jackets on.


I just need some feedback I guess.


I live in a rural area.


Dear Nancy

Harnesses are available for your parrot however, if your bird has never worn a harness before, at 30 years old she may not enjoy one.


If you look at most videos showing them being put on a bird, they are usually babies and baby birds are more adaptable than an older bird.



They take a little training, it is not just put it on and go outside.


Personally, I would go with a small cage on a cart or even a birdie backpack.


If you would like further help with selecting a harness or something else, please let me know.


Please find our carriers here:


I wish you the best


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