I Would Really, Yes Really Be a Great Feather Father

I Would Really, Yes Really Be a Great Feather Father

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Randy V. shares his thoughts,

I would really, yes really be a Feather Father. You see I really can be a Great Feather Dad. The thing is I’m home 99% of the time, I cannot walk out on a feather friend.

Because I cannot walk due to MS. I use a wheelchair to get around. But I don’t know where to even start, to find a healthy feather friend. My friend said he will sell me his African Grey when he & his wife gets sick of him.

That was when my granddaughter said, “like how he could talk and say Hi Shannon and make a ring like papas cell phone”? 

That was four cell phones ago and Shannon is now 23 years old.

I can hold him while I am on the phone with my friend.

And the way he talks about their bird, that Barney and Fred turned out to be a girl, not talking about marriage as of yet. S

So no babies from the two of them.

The pet shop where they got both of them, gotten in Huge,, Big,, Trouble For the sell of a baby Bob Cat.

But other than waiting to see if my friend’s birds will mate, and then if they keep them or whatever they might do.

I am somewhat tired of waiting on them. Is there any way that You, could help me out?

I live in Northern Michigan the lower part of the state, four miles north of the 45th parallel. Or 41 miles northeast of Traverse City Michigan.

The township I am sitting in writing to you has 651 people here.

So it would be pretty cool, there are 170 dogs 200 cats, and if you can help my dream come true.

One Large Talking non Stop except at night, an African Grey.

That this Bird May Grow Old With Me.

All the time You took reading this, and the time for you sending me an answer where I might find a health bird like this. 

And then I can ask you a great question of why is my feather son coping ever word, that I say to him now?

Golly I would love to be able to ask you something like that.

Thank You, Have a Great & Safe Week to come.

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