If I Have Asthma Should I Get Rid Of Our 2 Birds Per My Doctor?

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Lori Seaton asks: Like the new format. I have asthma. Dr. Suggest that I get rid of our 2 birds… LOl not going to happen.


I had all the problems before we got the birds. What kind of air cleaner is best. We rent our apartment. Thank You.


Hi Lori, Appreciate feedback on the Birdie Brunch’s new format


Good for you, human asthma is like parrot feather plucking, there are no easy answers so doctors and veterinarians go after low hanging fruit.


You’ll enjoy this post which is relevant to any asthma conversation.



Here’s an air cleaner you can build for about $30 and the video, produced by an MD illustrates how this down and the dirty (price-wise) unit is as effective and an $800 HEPA air purifier.




I know firsthand how insidious a disease like asthma can be.


I lived with a woman for about four years who was a severe asthmatic.


The first night we slept together was in an oxygen tent, at the ICU at Delnor Community Hospital.


All the doctors could do was keep her on a drip of prednisone, which I’m sure you know is just a nasty drug.


She wasn’t that much fun when she couldn’t breathe so I took it upon myself to help reduce her dependence on “steroids”.


One thing that I learned was that marijuana is an aspirant and can help to relieve bronchial passageways.




If you have access to medical or recreational marijuana, it’s something you may want to consider.


Even more effective was massage, acupuncture and pressure points.


I can’t do acupuncture (we had it done locally) but I became very good at pressure points and massage eventually learning how to break an episode by working her back, neck, and arms.




This was backed up by my then former brother-in-law a licensed massage therapist (in Illinois) from Ahmedabad India who gave me additional physical therapeutic actions to take.


I hope some of these ideas work to your advantage.


Happy holidays.





Not sure how to respond to questions sent in, but for the person asking if they should get rid of lovebirds due to allergies, NO.

I got allergy shots in 2010 and got retested recently and now have negative allergy test (verified 3 ways).

My dr had told me to get rid of my cat and birds.

Sincerely, Paula Eggimann, RN-R

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