Is a 20 year old Maximilian Pionus Still of Breeding Age?

Is a 20 year old Maximilian Pionus Still of Breeding Age?

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Maximilian Pionus AKA Maximilian parrot AKA Maximilian’s Pionus AKA Maximilian’s parrot AKA the scaly-headed Pionus ~ (above)
Debra R. shares:
I have just acquired a 20-year-old Maximilian Pionus.
Is she still of breeding age?
She was used as a breeder her whole life, is there a point where birds are too old to breed?
Having a difficult time finding information pertinent to this breed in regard to lifespan.

Nothing consistent.
Anywhere between 25-40 years.
I’ve had many birds in my life, and can’t say enough good things about the Pionus.
If you have any info on the breeding issue, I would love to know about it.
And btw, I love the newsletter you put out each week. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Hi Debbie and thank you for the kind words. 
It’s impossible to supply you with consistent information having no health history on the bird.
Breeding extracts a lot out of the bird in terms of calories.
Extra stress occurs when a  hen is producing eggs while going through a molt.
We don’t know how many clutches your bird has produced so we cannot determine how badly her body has been battered.
It’s like asking the question, can a 40-year-old or 50-year-old woman have babies?
Obstetricians will tell you the risks are based not only on age but on current physiological conditions.
I would advocate that at the age of 20, allow the bird to have a restful life without worrying about potential problems like egg binding and prolapsed cloaca’s.
Pionus parrots are great birds and I have been a companion to one.
At the end of the day, ask yourself, do we really need more baby birds in the world?
Stay safe
Mitch Rezman

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