Is an Infrared Heat Lamp Safe for Warming My Cockatiel?

Is an Infrared Heat Lamp Safe for Warming My Cockatiel?

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Mary J asks about,

Infrared Heat Lap aka Spa Time for Kukla


After bathing my cockatiel doesn’t want to be dried in any fashion although she appears cold.


I’m concerned.


Accidentally I was using an infrared heat lamp for my knee one day, and Kukla absolutely loved staying in front of it.

When she bathes she now expects and even flies over to it for me to turn on.


I’m afraid that she looks directly into the lamp most times.


Will, it hurt her eyes?


I turn it towards her back but she just puts her face just a few inches from it. Thoughts?

File under “that depends”.

Dear Mary

A solid no-light infrared bulb is safe. Glass “heat lamp” type bulbs may contain Teflon that will kill Kukla


Either way, you want to be there when your bird basks in the heat.


If your lamp has a ceramic socket, it will work fine.


5 inch infrared infrared heat lamp and shade with ceramic socket

Infrared Bulb Guard Clamp-on
Brooder Lamp 5-1/2″ W/ 50W Ceramic Bulb ~ $29.00


You just need to supervise and not leave the bird alone under the heat.


The bulbs are normally used in outside or large aviaries but will be a good choice for your ‘tiel.




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