How Would We Revamp Lighting for a Harligold & Greenwing Macaw?

Jayda (above)

Dear Mitch and Catherine,

We are empty nesters owned by our only pets, a harligold and a greenwing macaw.  After reading some of your articles on correcting parrot lighting issues, we are aware that their lighting setup needs some revamping. 


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Can You Help Me Find a Helmet for a CAG With Photosensitivity?

Hi Mitch,

I have been searching for a “helmet” for a CAG (Congo African grey vs a TAG Timneh African grey) who has a photosensitivity issue in her eye from cataract surgery.

I want to find her a device she can were to make her eyesight more comfortable.

The parakeet in the helmet jumped out at me when I saw it. Do you know anyone who might be able to fabricate such headwear for Marie?


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Can You Help Me With Lighting for My Eclectus Parrot?

Victoria K. has an avian lighting question,

hi there, I purchased this hanging full spectrum light for my Eclectus a while ago and can’t seem to find the setup instructions (and don’t see them on your website).

Would it be possible for you to provide it to me?

Green Bean is in his cage 12-14 hours/day and is otherwise on a playstand most days unless I am away from home.

Is it ok for this light to be on for a full 12 hours (I am not often gone that long but just want to make sure because I think one of your articles mentions that retina damage can occur with more than 4-5 hours of UVA/UVB lighting in certain circumstances)?


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Is There a Good Way to Handle A Broody Older Macaw?

Kim M. requests advice,


I have been reading your emails for quite some time.  I finally need some advice. 


I have a 28-year-old Blue and Gold McCaw.  She has been fairly happy over the years.  She was my son’s bird until he got married and didn’t take her with him.  Now she has to deal with me and misses my son very much but now has resigned to the fact I have to be her person.


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