Is Higgins VitaSeed California Blend Safe for An Eclectus?

Is Higgins VitaSeed California Blend Safe for An Eclectus?

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We just adopted one and it’s what we feed our U2. If not what would you recommend?

Dear Kim

If you like the Higgins product line then the Higgins Mayan Harvest Celestial or Mayan Harvest Tikal is not fortified and both are fine for Eclectus.

Higgins VitaSeed California Blend is Safe for your Eclectus


Catherine, we appreciated your advice about Higgins.


The former owners sent a bag of Kaytee FortiDiet Pro-Health along with him.


Is this ok until we can get something better? 


In the meantime, he is getting fruit and chop with carrots, beans, and brown rice. Thank you!


Setting The Record Straight About Feeding Eclectus Parrots


Toby & Rosie & the fake Macaw 1


Dear Kim


Yes, you can use what you have now.

Not all Eclectus parrots have issues with their diets. They also don’t get sick if they do.

They may show toe-tapping and a few other odd behaviors like wing-flipping over time on diets that are fortified or have a lot of additives, and colors.

If this rare occurrence happens, it can be reversed by then sticking to diets without any added vitamins or colors.

Whether Eclectus parrots as a whole actually have these sensitivities is still not really proven.

Many if not most ecky owners use regular parrot mixes with no issues.


We have a whole section of foods without fortification and additives all considered fine for Eclectus parrots (and all other parrots too)




Hi Catherine, Just a note to let you know Paco’s (Eclectus) Higgins Mayan Blend seems to be a hit.


Thank you for the advice.


He has had a vet visit and she is pleased with his weight and general health. Higgins and Lafebers are what we will feed our flock (which is a U2, 3 Conures, 4 Parakeets and of course Paco) from now on.


Happy to see the new Higgins Harmony Parakeet food. We will certainly be offering that next.


Again many thanks. Kim


Dear Kim


Wonderful to hear. Variety is the spice of life for us all, including the birds.


Just watch your ecky. If all is good, so is he.


Like any other of our pet birds, we watch them daily for behaviors not right.


By noticing our rescued cockatiel walking with her wings held out we knew she was not well.


She did turn out to have cancer but noticing this allowed us to improve her quality of life until she passed.


Not that this would be your issue of course. Our birds are our family and we love them so.


Thank you for asking us for advice and please let me know if we can help further in any way.


The new Intune Harmony pellet plus blends look great. For those who want a no seed but pelleted diet mix all in one, they look just fabulous.



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