Is It Safe to Have a Pest Control Service Spray My House?

Is It Safe to Have a Pest Control Service Spray My House?

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Julie M. comments,


I suspect you’ve covered this topic before.


Spring is on the way and my annual ant infestation will follow.


Is it safe to have a pest control service come to my house to spray?


Dear Julie

Ants are a pain for sure. But infestations vary widely. And thus require different treatments. Here in Indiana, every spring we get some tiny ones that come through onto the kitchen counter and also under a couple of birdcages.


To your point, no, the spray mist particulate can easily reach a bird’s nasal cavity as it floats through the air.


As I find the ones we have are minor, I use Terro.


A liquid borax and sugar treatment on small squares of paper laid along the path of the ants.


They cross onto the paper, sip the liquid and carry it back to their nests.


I add new drops as they use it up.



It can take a month or so before they fade away depending on infestation.


I have found it to be very safe and the bits of paper holds no interest to the birds and are mainly out of sight of them.


You can also use Diatomatious Dirt (not pool grade) and dust the edges of the walls inside and more so outside where they come in/come out.


This destroys them by eroding their exoskeletons. Don’t use it a lot inside your home as it can travel and can be irritating to skin and breathing if inhaled. But otherwise is safe. 


You can also make a point of washing the area they use for their path often, as they are following a chemical trail left by one ant on its first run looking for food.


This is all I will use for my home.


But if your infestations are worse then you may have to contact an exterminator. Do your research and speak to them about your pets.


If they must be removed before treatment for a while, then that is what you must do.


Other options like setting the legs of the cages into dishes with water so the ants cannot climb the legs can work, as well, But could rust the legs of the cage some.


You can also try rubbing a little petroleum jelly on the legs, that won’t cause rust.


I hope this helps.


Hi Julie


Here are some additional solutions to safely rid your home of ants 





Mitch & Catherine!!

You two are amazing! I never expected to receive so much support and information for my inquiry.


I’ll peruse all the links you’ve provided (we did the Borax/sugar/water without success) and will report back to you on what we tried!


A million thanks,


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