Is It True Former Breeder Birds Don’t Make Good Pets?
Is It True Former Breeder Birds Don't Make Good Pets?

Is It True Former Breeder Birds Don’t Make Good Pets?

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Scott S.offers some comments on making pets out of former breeder birds.

I’ve owned/fostered parrots of all types for 50+ years. I’ve always read and heard the former breeder birds don’t make good pets.

About 5 years years ago I had an opportunity to adopt a 7 yr. old Red Belly who’s mate had died.

He was originally hatched for sale and hand fed but ended up in the breeder cage after an established female took a shine to him.

I brought “Bongo” home to get acquainted with Rocky the Cockatoo and the sweet parakeets – Mr. Beebers and Lil Peeps.

All acquired from unloving homes. He wasn’t exactly a basket case, but was very nippy. These little guys can bite pretty hard.

I’m able to spend a lot of time with my birds as I’m retired.

Bongo has slowly assimilated into the family over the years. He’s still a bit nippy but will compete with Rocky for his head rubs.

He loves to have his beak rubbed (?). He has always watched Rocky intently as my little Cockatoo (who WAS a basket case) comes and cuddles like a puppy dog daily.

My experience is this: Bongo has responded to love and attention over time- but I would say that; in general, he required extra time to warm up as a pet.

Dear Scott

What a nice story.

We are happy that you were able to make a nice home for Bongo.

Kindest regards,


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