Is My Conures Behavior Because She Was Traumatized at the Store?

Is My Conures Behavior Because She Was Traumatized at the Store?

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My birds love each other but one (the pineapple) will not come to me or anyone. She takes food from me.

I think she was likely traumatized at the store since she is the same age as my first bird who is easygoing most of the time but was there much longer. I’m hoping time and patience will change it someday.

After all, we have years together!! 

Dear Billy

Yes, the bird will accept food and treats, and even perhaps let you pick it up if out of sight of the other bird. But given a choice, it will be bye-bye to you and will prefer to spend time with your other GCC.

pvc bird play stand with covered birdcage on either side


Was the newest Green Cheek Conure an addition to your flock that already had the first one with you?

Most likely the second bird is preferring to bond with your other green cheek (GCC) over you. After all, birds of a feather flock together and you have no feathers.

Given a choice, birds will 99.9% prefer the company of another bird to a human.

You may always play second fiddle to your first GCC.


BTW: I am sorry if I was unclear.

The first bird is the one you had first, and the second bird is the newcomer. The second bird will likely prefer the first bird over you.

Enjoy the time the second bird allows you, over time it should get better.


Hopefully, this will not deter you from keeping them in your household. Having a buddy for your bird gives you more flexibility regarding taking a day trip or more away. Your birds will be less bothered by your not being there daily if it has a friend around.



Thank you!!  That’s what I thought but my first bird is usually fine with me.

It’s the new bird that won’t step up.

2 tall birds cages with a pvc playpen in the middle\

But yes they are fast friends and that’s good. If they are out of their cages and I leave the room (and only me) they fly to the floor and come to find me. So they don’t hate me?

The new one who will find a way to climb up rather than come to me. At least she does that! 

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