Is My Pet Bird Triggering My Bronchitis?

Is My Pet Bird Triggering My Bronchitis?

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I recently realized that I might have “Bird fancier’s lung” (bronchitis caused by sensitivity to dust from feathers and droppings).

Should I give away my pet bird?

From quora


First, see a doctor.


  • There is nothing more dangerous than self-diagnosis.
  • I hate to say it, but you may have no choice.
  • You “realized” you “might have” bird fancier’s lung?? Before you go making any assumptions, you should certainly be seen and diagnosed by a doctor.


MitchR’s answer


You don’t want to go to the doctor first.

The doctor will tell you to get rid of the birds because they don’t know any better.


There’s a big difference between living next to where the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago meets the Edens Expressway.


At one point I think it’s 12 lanes of traffic.


Your lungs are under attack daily from tens of thousands of vehicles 24/7 as opposed to living on a farm in Idaho.


But the doctor will always say “get rid of the bird.”


If you get yourself tested you should test the bird for zoonotic diseases.


Read the other answers in full on Quora


I have written many blog posts about this including one entitled “Why doctors should be prescribing pet birds“.


On page 1 – 3rd post down is entitled “Does A Lung Transplant Patient Need To Get Rid Of Her Macaw?


Instead, start with getting your house including its water tested.

If you live in or near a metropolitan area the chances are you are sucking in toxic particulates, pollutants and drinking lead day in and day out.


Household products like Swiffer can be a trigger.


The nine ingredients in Swiffer Wet Jet solution are purified water, ethyl alcohol, Polypropylene Glycol N-Butyl Ether, Alkyl Polyglucoside, Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Chlorhexidine Diacetate, Fragrance, Silicone Emulsion, and Polyethyleneimine.




Mold in your walls and basement are bad for every living being in that household.



That’s what’s most likely making you sick not your birds.


But as always criticisms (of doctors) must be responded to with solutions and here’s mine.



By the way, I have 11 birds 10 of which are budgies which are considered high powder birds.


Here are some of our 10 of our dusty birds .

[videopress 2ddCYa6c]

 Keto, our rescue African Ringneck Parrot.

[videopress l1XzUjPf]

Take control of this. especiall for the birds




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