Is People Granola Healthy for Birds?

Is People Granola Healthy for Birds?

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Cissy Writes:

I have a 5yr old Scarlet Macaw.

Instead of seed, so much unwanted in the bags, I have started buying people’s granola and mixing it with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The question is, is this healthy for her, she seems content with the mixture?


Dear Cissy


scarlet macaw parrot in flight


You have decided to substitute sugar-sweetened cereal in place of formulated blends created by years of research and experience by major bird food manufacturers.


What is your reasoning for this?


Why do you feel that this is a good substitute?



Human granola mixes are very heavy with sugar and are not good for humans, much less for parrots.

There are some bird food mixes that do contain a bit of granola, but it is not meant to be a complete diet.


You can purchase bird foods that are made up of most large seeds, nuts, veggies and fruits, pellets, etc.


But it will be more expensive.


Pre-made mixes that are lower priced will have more sunflower seeds, corn, peanuts, and other less expensive ingredients.


This is an inexpensive mix with a lot of Sunflower Seeds
Higgins Vita Parrot 25 lb


This is a pricier mix but it has better ingredients with more Safflower Seeds than Sunflower Seeds
Higgins Sunburst Macaw 25 lb.


This mix is better yet with zero Sunflower Seeds in favor of Safflower Seeds – Volkman Macaw 20 lb.


There will be waste from every blend.


Including your granola mix.


There will always be waste.


Parrots were put on this earth to replant it with their uneaten foods, they don’t care they are in our living rooms and on our carpeting.


I hope you will rethink your feeding and get your bird on a good bird mix.


Thank you.


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