Is Sitting With My Bird While It Eats Healthy Human Behavior?

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My husband continues to sit with his grey parrot to encourage him to eat.


He will sit there for as long as a 1/2 hr. per sitting.


There are times the bird will bang his beak and screeches to get him to sit there so he can eat.


I have told my husband this is not a healthy behavior as the bird is depending on him to eat.


Am I being too cautious?


Hi there


The bird is not depending on him to eat.


In the wild birds spend 60% of their time seeking food and 40% of their time trying not to be food.

Birds eat all day (and night) long not in 2 or 3 meal periods like humans.


​I would advocate you sit there with a “cat that ate the canary” grin as you watch a 450-gram flighted animal teach a human how to “sit, stay”.




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